Benefits of CBD

CBD is an amazing cannabinoid that is found in a mostly misunderstood plant known as hemp. It’s not the only cannabinoid, but it’s the most abundant one. We say this plant is misunderstood because it commonly gets lumped in with marijuana, it’s psychoactive relative. Hemp is related to marijuana, but they are distinctly different. Hemp does not have enough THC to get you high. It only has trace amounts. You won’t find yourself sinking into the couch, craving your favorite foods when you use hemp. After using hemp, you’ll probably want to get off the couch and go do something because hemp…


Relieves Pain

This is one of the most well-known benefits of CBD, among a host of other benefits. Research has shown CBD to be effective in relieving inflammatory and neuropathic pain (1). As the years pass, we’ll be collecting more research articles about CBD. Right now, a lot of the research has been conducted on rodents. Given the widespread use of CBD, we’re expecting more studies to be done on humans in the near future. There have been some studies done on humans as well which look promising. There have been enough studies done that we feel confident in saying that the research shows that CBD is effective in treating inflammatory and neuropathic pain.

One of the most common inflammatory disorders is Rheumatoid Arthritis. Chances are, you know someone suffering from this ailment. We do, and it’s not fun at all. Arthritis is very painful, especially as people get older. Research has suggested that CBD could help relieve their pain, so you might want to tip them off to the research. We’re not telling you to buy them any CBD, let’s be clear. We’re just saying it could be cool to tell them you heard of something that might be able to help them and encourage them to do their research and consult with their physician.

Relieves Anxiety

Anxiety is something that millions of Americans suffer from, forty million to be exact (2). That’s 40 million Americans that are 18 and older, not including our stressed out children. That’s a lot of people. CBD is something that could be beneficial for some of these people, but maybe not all. Anyone who has social anxiety should give CBD some serious consideration as a treatment. Research has shown it to be effective for this type of anxiety (3).

Social anxiety is just one type of anxiety. There are many different types and it has yet to be seen if CBD is effective for the other types. As more research comes out, we will update this page to reflect new information as we become aware of it.

Helps Fight Cancer

Many people claim that cannabis oil (with THC) cured their cancer, and people are also claiming that CBD oil (without THC) cured their cancer. Enough people have made this claim for it to show up on the radar of scientists and doctors. Studies are being done to see if CBD oil and THC oil are effective for helping your body fight cancer. There is enough research to support that notion that CBD could help your body fight cancer, but claiming that it can cure it would be a little premature.

Several studies have show that CBD can help your body fight back against tumor growth (4)(5). There is also research that suggests that CBD could be effective in stopping the cancer cells from invading other areas (6). So these claims of cancer being cured by CBD are not without some sort of merit, but there’s not enough evidence to support the notion of CBD being a cure for cancer. It’s safe to say that it can help you fight it, but it shouldn’t be sold as a cure. If a site is trying to sell you CBD as a cure for cancer, we’d be very skeptical of their ethics and product quality.